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Skagit Alpine

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Skagit Alpine Club Newsletter– February 2015


Skagit Alpine Club mission statement:  "To promote the use and prevent the abuse of outdoor recreation areas"....SAC Articles of Incorporation




Upcoming Meeting


Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 4th at the Burlington Library at 7:00 p.m.

820 East Washington Avenue

Burlington, WA 98233

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          Upcoming things to know


  • Ski weekend is February 27- March 1. We will take over 5 cabins that each have their own hot tub! If you still want to jump on board we have couch and futon space available. If you want to sack out for the weekend with SAC Contact Jonathan Frostad at jfrostad@gmail.com, or call 360-630-0015

  • Wilderness first aid will be March 13th, 14th, and 15th. Cost is $100. This is a steal- we should all buy Dave a beer for doing this! Dave has volunteered to offer another class the last weekend of April (24-26) if we run out of space.  Register with Dave at dave.myers@navy.mil

  • The Skagit Alpine Club is having their mountaineering class tentatively starting April 8th- June 8th (minus a few weekend breaks in that time frame). We have 9 people signed up so far. If interested,  Contact Cac, cackamak@gmail.com



Volunteer “Opportunities”


  • The Skagit Alpine club could use a Webmaster and a Conservation Chair.

Find out more about these positions in Article XIII of the SAC Bylaws, which can be read at skagitalpineclub.com. If you are interested, email Tony Tucker at anthony@cooltuckers.com

  • Dave Myers makes sure that SAC gets facetime with the Navy He could use a hand manning the SAC booth on May 16th, contact him at  dave.myers@navy.mil

  • The Skagit Alpine Club’s Introduction To Mountaineering Class starts in April! If you are interested in assisting with the class contact Cac, cackamak@gmail.com.

  • For more opportunities check out the Volunteer section at the SAC webpage.



Some Cool Things We Do Regularly



Trail Building

Mount Vernon Trail Builders are continuing to work on the Little Mountain Trails. SAC members are encouraged to participate. 2nd and 4th Saturdays of

each month, 10:00am – 4:30pm


Sessions are rain or shine and we meet at 10:00am on Saturdays. To get to the trailhead, travel east on the Little Mountain Road past the entrance to Little Mountain Park, past the beaver pond. You will see piles of rock about 500′ past the beaver pond which is where the trailhead is located. Park alongside the road


Park Butte Lookout Maintenance

If any of you trek up to the Lookout this winter or spring, please let us know info about the condition of it, snow levels, etc.  Thanks.


Marie and John Erbstoeszer

Volunteer Stewards for the Park Butte Look with the Skagit Alpine Club



If you went to the February 2015 meeting you probably were inspired to quit your job. If you missed the meeting,  than you missed out baby- but don’t worry here is a recap!


Our speaker for the meeting was Kevin. His last name started with an R, but I can’t remember what it was. What I do know is he has been rock climbing in over 21 countries. He told us about his latest trip to a place so cool that I can’t even pronounce (El Porturero Chico in Mexico). He was there for a week and squeezed out a few of the popular climbs like 23 pitches of a 5.11+ route and other sport routes. He talked a little bit about the history of the area. It used to be a really popular place to climb but has taken a hit on tourism because a mariachi band was murdered by a drug cartel there and a few climbers that have recently died in rapelling accidents. It is a beautiful area to climb and an excellent vacation destination none the less. He also talked briefly about trips biking through Spain and Morocco and other wild hiatuses he has taken. He is a big world traveler, with life experiences and stories. You know it was a good speaker when you want to quit your job the next day!


We have a new favorite club member


Our new favorite club member is Christian Phillips. If you don’t know him, Christian is an all around awesome guy. He took the class last year and  volunteered to be the programs guy for the club!!!! If you have any ideas on speakers or things you’d like to have done during the program section of meetings let him know. He’s actually a pretty friendly guy!



Wonderful SAC Members That Offered To Bring Snacks & Beverages For All






Jennifer & Zeke

Cac & Kelly


Darla & Tony

Kyle Koch



Sherman & Holly K.


Wade & Emily

Phil Wilson & Anna Mostovetsky



Brandon & Lisa Rouse


Trip Reports


No one submitted any trip reports this month. Could it be lack of snow? Lack of activity? Lack of Desire? Instead of leaving this section open, blank and lonely... we thought we’d put something in the section about the executive committee. Leading the club is a big deal so it’s important for the members to really understand who the executive committee is and what makes them turn. Please find the complete biographies of the executive committee below.


Tony has the most twisted past. Because of these experiences he is the most excellent candidate to lead the Skagit Alpine Club. He grew up on a farm with his aunt and uncle but dreamt of a rebellious future filled with war and spaceships. As he was going about his perfect life an evil empire came and killed his family. He fled with a smuggler and two robot things that make lots of beeping noises. He ended up having his arm chopped off by his father who was in a severe accident with a weed whacker and had to wear some weird helmet and could have really used an inhaler. His best smuggling friend was casted into a concrete statue and this really fat nasty guy captured this super hot princess who Tony was crushing on until he realized that she was his twin sister. Then this whole horde of bear-like things attacked them until they realized they could all be friends. The bear things were super cute.  Tony still manages to climb with one hand and if I hadn’t told you this you wouldn’t have even noticed.

Anna gained her outdoorsy like experiences because of a trip her grandfather took her on as a small child. Young Anna thought she was going to a national park, but little did she know it wasn’t a normal national park. This park had no entrance fees. Also, the park was taken over by mad scientists who used mosquito blood to clone dinosaurs. There is a big storm and some disgruntled computer guy turned off all the security systems and dinosaurs took over the park and started eating people. They tried to eat Anna, but she knows how to lead climb so she set up a bunch of pro, climbed up and hid in a tree until the dinosaurs left.  She was able to escape the park and has been enjoying the backcountry ever since.

Most of you don’t know that Alex is actually a prince who was born in the jungle in Africa. As a small lad he was caught in a family feud between his evil uncle and his father. The simple family feud escalated and Alex’s uncle killed his father by throwing him into a wild stampede of antalopes. Alex was young and impressionable and let his uncle believe that it was his fault that his father was crushed to death by antalopes. He fled his hometown and decided to grow up past the savannah with two hippies who had a relaxed view of life.  He enjoyed climbing what little there was to offer in the savannahs until his past came to haunt him and he had to face his uncle and bring his village out of cruel dictatorship ruled by his uncle.  He did that and now lives happily in Coupeville with a wife and three kids.

Lisa was never known for her sense of direction. In fact, she has been known to get lost backing out of her driveway, so never follow her anywhere. As a small child, Lisa was thrown out her home into the woods because she ate too much for her family to support her. Lisa and her brother tried to leave bread crumbs to find their way back home. Some other hiker ate the crumbs and they were left wandering around the woods. Conveniently enough, they came across a cabin made of candy. They fed on that until an evil old bag captured them. For awhile Lisa and her brother lived in iron cages and ate candy fed by the evil lady, who was fattening them up to eat them later. Then they tricked her and burned her to ashes and escaped. They found their way back home using the old ladies smart phone gps app and then went on a weight loss program and have been climbing ever since, but always bring a map.


Karen is a normal nice person who usually writes up the Newsletters for Skagit Alpine Club. She was out of town this month and may have made a bad decision by assigning Lisa to do it for her. Hopefully Lisa doesn’t get impeached. Tootles.




President – Anthony Tucker anthony@cooltuckers.com

Vice President: Alex Kortuem alexkortuem@gmail.com

Treasurer – Anna Mostovetsky amostovetsky@yahoo.com

Secretary - Lisa Rouse lisajrouse1@gmail.com

Newsletter - Karen Howard skagitalpineclub@gmail.com

Webmaster - Steve Trent skagitalpineclub@comcast.net

Lookout - John and Marie Erbstoeszer erbst@cnw.com

Trail Work - Lynn Postler sancho999@comcast.net

Social Com- Karen Howard platypusshankie@gmail.com

Climbing Com - Jonathan Frostad jfrostad@gmail.com

Program Chair - Christian Phillips